Engaging and inspiring youth to find their voice through self-reflective filmmaking.



To engage and inspire underserved youth to find their voice through self-reflective filmmaking.

We are dedicated to the transformative power of movies as a storytelling medium. From silent films to the latest independent feature, movies invite us to explore our inner selves just as they compel us to identify with people from different cultures and different worlds both real and imagined.

Watch movies. Make movies. Share yourself and see the world anew.



Watching a movie "allows you the gift of occupying someone else’s consciousness for a period of time. It heightens your capacity for imagination and your capacity for empathy, which are the two values I prize most in all humans." – Molly Young (admirable thinker)

Movies naturally encourage us to identify emotionally with the protagonists, to see the connection between cause and effect, and to build empathy and understanding for unfamiliar people and cultures.  As students come together to watch and create films, they gain perspective on their own lives and think critically about the worlds they live in.

We foster engagement with school and community to encourage youth to graduate and transition successfully to college and career. Rabbit Hole uses the art of filmmaking (live action and animation) to support the education and enlightenment of socially/behaviorally challenged youth in particular.


"Their attendance improved, they spoke up, deepened friendships, and most importantly built a community full of respect and support.”

Drew Thomas  |  Special Education Teacher, LAHS



Founded by Ellen Steloff in 2010, Rabbit Hole Screenings is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to using film as an entryway for underserved and at-risk youth into self-awareness and academic engagement. We offer young people the opportunity to watch great films, to help them use film as a lens to examine their lives, and to empower them to share their ideas with others.

For the last six years Rabbit Hole has supported classrooms at Fairfax High School, Los Angeles High, Hollywood High, Manual Arts High and Hillsides Education Center.


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