Five Senses


Personal Reflections on the Seasons

The essence of this program is creating visual poems – self-portraits, as told through the five senses: Smell, Hearing, Vision, Taste and Touch.

Every person has a unique lens to look through. "Autumn Senses" asks students to use the camera's lens to help them take pause and reflect on their worlds, interior and exterior. Acknowledging and fine-tuning the senses heightens one's awareness. Over the course of each written and filmed assignment, there is a sharpening and surfacing of things that make students who they are at this time in their lives. These films are prompted by observing seemingly simple things we can take for granted: the sound of a sibling's laugh or cry, a dance or the wind through the trees.

The filmmakers take a journey through their own lives to date - reflecting on memories, near and distant, who they are now and who they dream to become.