"Rabbit Hole made me feel like
I could change the world and bring people together"
- Victoria G.

"Rabbit Hole really helped me give life to my ideas, and seeing
my ideas come to life makes me feel like there's a lot I'm capable of."
- Michelle R.

"Rabbit Hole is a place where I can learn new things. It gives us a chance to see different views to the many things in life.
It helps us realize that there are many things to see. Rabbit Hole makes it possible for us to reconsider each other’s ideas.
This helps us practice and lets our imagination and critical thinking skills go to work."
- Megan L.

"I felt proud of myself."
- Rodrigo V.

"It lets us see how other people respond, react, and feel.
It lets us express our thoughts. Rabbit Hole gets our minds open. It gets us to really think more."
- Orel S.

"I have learned to be open to new ideas and learn to try new things.
Rabbit Hole has had a positive impact in learning and growing up."
- Chris H.

"You have done an amazing job in supporting us and I hope that you keep doing what you do
and change other students' lives with films the way you have changed mine."
- Georgina P.

"The nicest people ever." - Alan M.



To engage and inspire underserved youth to find their voice through self-reflective filmmaking.

We are dedicated to the transformative power of storytelling.

From silent films to the latest indie, movies invite us to explore our inner selves and compel us to identify
with people from different cultures and different worlds.


Movies naturally encourage us to identify with the protagonists, to see the connection between cause and effect, and to build empathy  for unfamiliar people and cultures. As students come together to watch and create films, they gain perspective on their lives and think critically about their world.

We foster engagement with school and community to encourage youth to graduate and transition successfully to college and career.
Rabbit Hole uses the art of storytelling to support the education and enlightenment of socially/behaviorally challenged youth in particular.


Rabbit Hole partners with teachers to supplement Common Core education, but we're so much more than an arts provider.

We create experiences, like happenings, that you've got to see to understand. We transform classrooms to reflect and enhance specific fields of study. We focus on supporting students holistically and always encourage creative thinking and problem solving.



Who We Are


Ellen Steloff

FOUNDER & Executive Director

Ellen Steloff founded Rabbit Hole Screenings in 2010 with a pilot program in a classroom at Manual Arts High School in Los Angeles. Ellen’s passion for the medium of film is the result of both her personal journey and her professional career as a film executive and producer. For more than 20 years, Ellen has worked at screening, programming, acquiring, developing and producing films. Witnessing the transformative power of the medium, Ellen has always had an emotional connection to the world of film and this has organically translated to teenagers who needed a resource of personal expression and storytelling.


Kate Solow

Director of Program Development

With more than 35 years of experience working with nonprofit organizations, her career began while still a graduate student at Cornell University where she developed an outreach and engagement program for rural students while commuting to New York City to work in literary management and development for the Circle Repertory Company. Kate has enjoyed a wide-ranging career as an arts administrator and consultant both in New York and Los Angeles but has found her greatest satisfaction in helping young people discover the exhilaration and insight that comes through engaging with the arts.


Oliver Mauldin

CReative Director

Oliver was raised in Franklin, Tennessee. After designing a bachelor's degree in Motion Picture Production at Belmont University, he moved to Los Angeles, got an MFA in Directing from Chapman University and began pursuing a career in film.
He's worked on countless feature, commercial and music video sets, and is happy now to be sharing his knowledge and experience with high schoolers.


Keiko Matsuo

Guest Teaching Artist

Keiko works with some of our Rabbit Hole programs by bringing her 30 years of experience as a holistic Qi therapist to the students. She enriches our workshops with cultural support, physical healing and exercises in mindfulness. She shares our great passion for supporting the self expression of young people and believes in the simple power of preparing, passing and sharing a cup of tea, which creates a sense of community and provides a moment to take pause.


Jacques Edeline

Teaching Artist

Jacques Edeline is a writer/director with a BA in history from Emory University and an MFA in screenwriting from Chapman University's Dodge College of Film and Media Arts. In addition to Saturday Suspension diversion at Fairfax High, he teaches creative writing to incarcerated juveniles at Central Juvenile Hall through Inside Out Writers.


Colin Lourie


With a B.A. in Philosophy from UCLA, Colin led creative writing workshops for incarcerated youth at Central Juvenile Hall in LA. He became Site Coordinator/Lead Facilitator for The Beat Within, an organization that publishes participants’ writing for juvenile halls across the country. Also, he led computer training workshops for the unemployed and homeless at Chrysalis in Santa Monica. Colin wants to continue to provide a safe place for self-expression for youth through participation in the arts.

He has recently left daily Rabbit Hole operations to pursue a Masters degree in social work/heroism at NYU.



Board of Directors


Ellen Steloff


After a 20-year career in film, Ellen Steloff founded Rabbit Hole Screenings to transform young lives through the power of cinematic storytelling. Through Rabbit Hole Screenings, Ellen has forged long term relationships with school administrators and classroom teachers to address the needs of students with academic, behavioral and mental health challenges. She has developed an innovative pedagogical model integrating film and digital media into core curriculum, afterschool programs and suspension diversion efforts.

Rabbit Hole Screenings was born of a love of films and the magic they have to transform people’s lives. Film is not seen only as an escape, but as a connector and an ignition switch of possibility and wonder and that is one of the core principles of RHS mission.



Elissa Greer


Elissa is an entertainment marketing executive with a proven track record working with creative brands, projects and franchises,
including New Line Cinema, FilmDistrict and Focus Features.



Bernard Friedman


Bernard is an entrepreneur with a twenty five year primary focus on the media and entertainment space.



Lianne Halfon

Board Member

Lianne is the producer of The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Juno and Ghost World, among other films. She earned an Emmy for the documentary Which Way Home, and has been nominated for an Oscar. She recently finished Demolition Man with Jake Gyllenhaal and the documentary The Earth Moves in partnership with the Brooklyn Academy of Music and the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation.



Carin Sage

Board Member

Carin Sage has been a Motion Picture agent at Creative Artists Agency for over twenty years, representing some of the most renowned filmmakers and writers in the movie business. 



Bob Tzudiker
& Noni White

Board Members

Bob and Noni are screenwriters with numerous features including Tarzan, Newsies, Anastasia and The Hunchback of Notre Dame.